Video surveillance service

Our transparency and our concern for the safety of children has always been one of our distinguishing features.

In order to guarantee the children’s complete safety we do not allow parents and families free access to classrooms during the school day. However, we offer access to classrooms though an affordable webcam service allowing parents to observe their child’s activities without disrupting the class dynamic. A secret personal code is provided for this purpose.

webcamSan Jorge School General Aranaz, 85-87 - 28027 MADRID


Conditions for de use of the webcam

  • Access to the webcam service is only available to parents and tutors via a secret personal code.
  • Access is only allowed during certain hours to safeguard the privacy of staff and children.
  • Access is limited to 3 minutes at a time in order to avoid indiscriminate use.
  • The user will only be allowed access to classrooms agreed to with the school.
  • Users and IP addresses will be monitored to control and access and use of the service. If there is a breech in agreement, the school reserves the right to interrupt this service.


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San Jorge School General Aranaz, 85-87 - 28027 MADRID
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