Our Educational Project is based on an active, flexible and personalized methodology that seeks to encourage the learning process through experimentation and games.

Our approach is based on two main principles:

  1. Teaching methods– our teachers constantly strive to incorporate innovative and new methods that take into account the progress of both the class and the individual child.
  2. Emotional development– the involvement of all school staff in ensuring a supportive and a loving environment to each child as a means to encourage their self-esteem.

Using play as a central element to stimulate learning, we employ a variety of teaching strategies:

  • Early stimulation: From a very young age we use methods and exercises aimed at stimulating and developing each child’s full potential in all areas, including in the areas of language, sensory abilities, as well as physical and psychological growth.
  • Creative development: Using physical activities, crafts, music, drama, singing and dance we encourage the child’s imagination, expressive abilities and critical thinking.
  • Language immersion: Learning a second language requires an adequate interaction between children and bilingual teachers and for the learning process to be both practical and enjoyable. This requires for the second language to be present in all aspects of school life. At San Jorge School, our education is bilingual during the first years of the child’s life (0 to 3 years), with our team using both the English and Spanish language in all activities.
  • Learning to interact: At San Jorge School, learning to share is considered an important part of a child’s development. This is promoted, daily through a variety of group activities.
  • Instilling values: In San Jorge School we are all equal and we learn to respect our diversity and to care for each other with affection and tolerance.
  • Planning of school days: School days are carefully planned around a daily routine (learning, play, meals, rest…) so that children can learn to understand the importance of time management.
  • Family involvement: We aim to promote the active involvement of parents in our educational project. We consider it vital for there to be consistency between what children learn at school and what they learn at home.
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